Community Based Health Programmes
Mobile medical clinics operate in the slums, providing professional medical consultation as well as basic medication for the people. 

Family planning education and services are provided on a regular basis at the clinics, during home visits and at diagnostic camps. 

Ante-natal and post-natal mothers are examined for complications, provided with immunization and awareness raised about health care during and after pregnancy. 

Well-Baby clinics are run with the help of para-medical and social workers with assistance from the local health workers. Here growth of children in the age group 0 Ė 5 years is monitored and treatment is provided for early illness and immunization against various diseases. 

The children in the schools are routinely examined by the doctors, and health awareness increased among the children by screening films on different health issues. 

A tuberculosis control programme is also conducted in two clinics set up specifically for this purpose where supplementary medicines and part-salaries of two doctors are provided.

The Government of India Revised National Tuberculosis Programme (RNTCP) is implemented in 15 Wards of Kolkata by Cathedral Relief Service, thirteen are in partnership with CARE - West Bengal.

CRS through the following programmes hopes to achieve itís mission of ensuring a just and sustainable society. It has transformed from purely relief to self-reliance, from charity to development and from a service oriented agency to an empowerment-enabler.
Women Empowerment Programmes
A skill training course is conducted covering embroidery, knitting, cutting, stitching and tailoring. This is a certificate course of one and a half year duration at the end of which an evaluation is conducted. 17 Craft Centres with 586 registered trainees and 5 Machine Knitting Centres with 38 registered trainees are functioning today.

Adult literacy centers have been set up, where besides basic literacy, issues such as health, legal rights, environment and globalization are also covered.

"ARUNADOY" (the rising sun) is a bustee womenís project which aims to provide economic independence to the women through income-generation programmes. Here the women use the skills that they have been trained in. The raw material is provided by CRS and the finished products are marketed through private outlets. 3 centres are providing income generation opportunities to 205 women.

Mahila Samities or womenís self-help groups are also formed where women are encouraged to meet and discuss problems and reactions to various situations that they face in life. The group provides them an opportunity to share and learn from each otherís experiences.

Through participatory discussion, civic awareness is created and confidence gained for economic self-sufficiency and social development. Income generation activities are undertaken as a group, and the women are encouraged to tackle and find problems affecting the community. There are 9 self-help groups with 183 members at the moment.

Education Programmes
Providing nursery, formal and non-formal education to children through 12 schools that have been set up, housing about 2000 children.

Introducing new skills such as art, craft, dance, music, drama etc. 

Conducting regular parent teacher meetings.

Holding personal/group sessions to counsel parents, motivating them to enroll non-school going children in schools.

Surveying the community to register new learners.

Our One-Child-Through-School Programme is run by individual donations. This provides sponsorship to the poorest of those children who wish to pursue higher formal education in government and private institutions. Last year, 49 children were placed in recognized formal schools.

Training is also provided to the teachers to keep them updated with the latest techniques in teaching as well as different skill.

CRS has also seen the need to network and form partnerships with other NGOís and grass root level organizations with similar ideologies and missions.

Therefore we also provide both financial and non-financial support to NGOís doing exemplary work in the areas of health, education and community development in the slums of Calcutta.

Training centers for Disabled Persons
CRS provides training to differently abled people through this center. Skills such as tailoring, needle work, embroidery, doll-making and book binding are imparted. Post training, the people are also awarded certificates, sewing machines, book binding tools and cash incentives to enable them to start something on their own till they find suitable employment.

The Training Center For Disabled Personsí Press is a crucial wing of CRS. It offers training in printing, composing and book binding and thereafter serves as an income-generation center for them as well.

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