We welcome financial and material support!

We would gladly accept any financial and material support you are able to provide to us!

We welcome such contributions in the form of 

  • old furniture,

  • books and stationary,

  • sewing and knitting machines, 

  • computers etc.

Please feel free to get in touch with us regarding any such contribution you may wish to make!



Help us by using our Training Center For Disabled Personsí Press
This wing of CRS provides training for the disabled in printing, composing and book binding as well as runs a printing press.

All office stationary, newsletters, souvenirs and annual reports are printed here at a very low cost. 

You can support this Income-Generation scheme by placing printing jobs with us.
Your support can help us in making a permanent difference in the lives of less privileged and deprived communities!
Donations are accepted by Account Payee Cheques drawn in favour of Cathedral Relief Service.


Be a part of




Adopt a Project

You may prefer to identify and support one Education Project of CRS (one school). Under this scheme, CRS acts as a link between you and your selected project and make sure the funds are channelised in a proper manner.
Your support of Rs. 55,000/- per year can help a School in building the future of 25 children.

Sponsor a pre-school for children under 6 years

These schools prepare the child for regular school and formal education as well as ensure that the children do not get engaged in child labour or waste their time. 

With a donation of Rs. 55,000/- per year, you can meet the expense to support a pre-school.


Adopt a skill training center

In partnership with local clubs/ CBOís, CRS organises 16 skill training centers for women of the slums in embroidery, tailoring , fabric painting, batik, garment production and jute products.

With Rs.50,000/- per year you can sustain a skill training center including the trainerís remuneration.


Training Center For Disabled Persons

CRS is running a training center for physically disabled and those persons having a speech or hearing disability.
The one year course includes tailoring, needlework, chalk and candle making, composing, printing and binding. 
Your support of Rs 60,000/- per year will entirely cover the salary of the instructor, stipend for the trainees, material and running costs.

Sponsor a teacher

Teachers are the key people in the formal and non formal education process. They are crucial to the development of children who attend such centers. 


A gift of Rs. 36,000/- per year is all that it takes to help a teacher to build the future of deprived children in the slums.

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