CRS attempts to tackle the issues of poverty, poor health, lack of education, unemployment, illiteracy, lack of awareness of rights and responsibilities, status of children and women in society, marginalisation and children in difficult circumstances through itís "Total Education Programme" which has three components, the Mind, the Body and the Home.
The Mind ...
This is the Education component of our programme and the overall objective is to facilitate a healthy physical, mental, economic and social environment for the holistic development of the children of the referral community. 

CRS endeavors to facilitate all round development of children through a range of myriad activities. Both Formal and Non-Formal education are being provided to the children in the slums through 11 schools that have been set up. 

Apart from this, the children are also given lessons in music, dance, art, craft, yoga etc. Regular parent-teacher meetings are held to motivate the parents and children. 

Counseling is also provided for parents of as well as the children who are drop-outs, with the aim of enrolling them again.


The Body ...
This is the Health component of our programme and the aim is to improve the health status of the referral community by increasing the level of awareness regarding health issues and encouraging healthy habits among them. The health of women and children receive priority.

There are three mobile medical clinics operating in 14 centers. These clinics provide preventive and promotive health measures to the communities at their doorsteps. Consultation and medicines are made available for nominal charges and those requiring specialized treatment are referred to government hospitals.

The Home ...
This is the Community Development component of the programme through which we attempt to make every family economically independent.

CRS believes and works towards the empowerment of women in the slums by raising awareness among them, training them to develop various skills and undertaking adult literacy, income-generation and self-help group activities.

Awareness raising and capacity building has raised the level of consciousness and confidence among women. Not only are they now economically self reliant, they have also started being a part of the decision making process, both in the home as well as in the community.


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